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Ataxia refers to impaired movement resulting from cerebellar dysfunction. Trials of disease modifying therapies for Friedreich ataxia (FA), the most common genetic ataxia, are imminent. 

Accurate measurement of ataxia is needed to development these therapies and for their use in ongoing treatment. We have developed specialised data loggers and algorithms that address this need. 

This "system" will underpin better clinical care for patients and better trials of drug candidates. Our aim in this project is to convert the algorithms to medical grade software and build data loggers to regulatory standards which will enable their use in key trials and by treating clinicians. At the end of the project the assets will likely be transferred to a spinout company for engagement with customers who require objective measurement in clinical trials. The Florey Institute, Deakin University and Murdoch Children's Research Institute will likely take an equity share in the new company.

BTB Round: Two

State: Victoria

Project Partner: Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA) 


  • MTPConnect Grant: $610,114
  • Industry Contribution: $980,547

Duration: September 2020 – June 2022

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