Vaxine Pty Ltd

South Australia

Vaxine Pty Ltd has developed a COVID-19 vaccine known a COVAX-19. With a global requirement for 7.5 billion people to be immunised, this market will be challenging to satisfy even once multiple vaccines are approved. 

Vaxine produced the first Australian-developed vaccine to enter human clinical trials making their vaccine, which is supported by the strong animal immunogenicity data the front runner in this regard. 

Vaxine's experience with clinically developing three previous pandemic influenza vaccines plus SARS and MERS coronavirus vaccines places them in an extremely strong position to deliver an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine for local and international markets. 

Vaxine expects global market demand for their COVID-19 vaccine to be in the hundreds of millions of doses.

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Project Partners: PALL; Oracle; Cytiva; Waters Corporation; Merck Millipore; Sypharma; University of Georgia; University of Colorado; University of Sydney, Kirby Institute, Oxford Expression Technologies, Expression Systems

Contact: Prof Nikolai Petrovsky