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Project Title: Use of Optiscan's Non-Invasive Confocal Endomicroscopy System to Enhance Oral Cancer Screening and Surgical Margin Assessment.

Oral cancer is a devastating condition with significant mortality and morbidity if not detected and treated early.

It is one of the most common cancers globally with a 5-year mortality rate of approximately 50%.

Optisca's multi-patented microscopic imaging technology has been successfully miniaturised into a 4.7mm diameter probe, uniquely developed to enable in vivo, non-invasive, imaging in the mouth.

This project is to provide the clinical evidence to support the use of Optiscan's system for screening potentially cancerous disorders in an instantaneous, non-invasive manner with a revolutionary reduction in the requirement for physical biopsies while ensuring that malignant tissue is detected as early as possible. It will also support Optiscan's intended application for 510(k) clearance to sell the system in the United States.

BMTH Round: Three

State: Victoria

Project Partner: Melbourne Dental School - University of Melbourne


  • MTPConnect Grant: $971,000
  • Industry Contribution: $587,324

Duration: October 2020 - September 2022

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Contact: Darren Lurie