Drug Repurposing: Building the Path to Australian Success

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MTPConnect’s report ‘Drug Repurposing: Building the Path to Australian Success’ explores the drug repurposing landscape in Australia and just what it will take to deliver more repurposed drugs in ways that improve people’s health.

Drug repurposing has the potential to provide Australian patients with greater access to medicines that have already been proven to be safe and cost-effective for other conditions. It is also an opportunity for Australian industry to grow new consumer markets.

MTPConnect commissioned this discussion paper as part of its mission to drive connectivity, innovation, productivity and competitiveness in Australia’s MTP sector. It was produced in partnership with Indigo Advisory and involved consultation with more than 30 Australian-based stakeholders; from consumer and patient organisations to researchers, pharmaceutical companies, regulators and commercialisation experts.

With this report, we aim to show how Australia can participate more vigorously in this evolving activity. Download the report today, review our recommendations for action and join the discussion.

Download Drug Repurposing Report