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Project title: Bringing oral quantum dot insulin to phase I clinical studies

Insulin is a lifesaving and essential medicine for type 1 and 2 diabetics, and currently administered via injection or inserted pump. For these patients they must follow a strict dietary lifestyle and perform 4-6 injections a day for life to maintain their blood sugar levels. This process is critical to reducing the short- and long-term complications in diabetes. In addition, lost productivity, and patient wellbeing account for over half the economic cost of type 1 diabetics.

Both injections and pumps have high risks for patient compliance, quality of life, hospitalisation due to hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar; overdosing) and weight gain.

We have developed a nanotechnology drug delivery platform that allows insulin to be taken as a tablet or liquid, which is rapidly acting and effective in managing blood sugar. Our formulation offers significant competitive advantages including minimising hypoglycaemia and weight gain (the most significant factors clinicians consider when prescribing insulin and assessing quality of life).

This support from MTP Connect TTRA program will take us to first in humans clinical trial of this oral insulin.

TTRA Project Round:  Two

State:  New South Wales

Project Partners:

  • Charles Perkins Centre
  • Sydney Nano
  • Sydney Local Health District


  • TTRA: $750,000
  • Industry Contribution: $100,000 cash, $786,588 in-kind

Duration:  September 2022 - August 2024

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Twitter: @Sydney_Uni