REX Ortho Pty Ltd

Project title:  REX Screw - a novel, expandable screw to improve surgical outcomes for hip fracture patients without compromising removability or surgical workflow.

The REX Screw is an expandable orthopaedic screw that increases bone fixation strength to prevent screw loosening and avoid costly revision surgeries, as well as improve post-surgical mobility and patient independence. This project translates existing strong, high-quality evidence of the potential performance of the REX Screw that has been developed by REX Ortho to clinical validation by engaging industry and research expertise through our partners in setting up manufacturing and conducting a first-in-human trial.

The outcomes of the project will significantly improve competitiveness of REX Ortho and our Australian manufacturing partners in the US$1.4B global orthopaedic device market for hip fracture surgery towards potential acquisition by a global medical device manufacturer.   

Also, facilitating deep collaboration between Australian and globally leading orthopaedic innovation organisations to generate high-value Australian capacity and experience that can be leveraged for future orthopaedic innovations.

CTCM Project Round: Two

Western Australia and South Australia


  • CTCM Grant: $500,000
  • Industry Contribution: $200,000

Duration: June 2024 to August 2025

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