Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Workshop

SeerPharma - a REDI Initiative Training Partner


About the Event

SeerPharma is an official training partner of the MTPConnect powered REDI initiative.

The training will be delivered as a 3-day face-to-face instructor-led workshop in cities around Australia.

This course is for organisations, companies, institutes and laboratories in the MedTech Pharma sector that want to increase / document the quality and reproducibility of their systems and work. This course is not just for workplaces who are planning to obtain Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification but are wanting to implement a laboratory quality system fit for their own needs and purposes.

This course will provide an overview of GLP standards and how these can be applied in the MedTech Pharma environment. It will provide insights into key clauses and concepts that underpin an effective QMS, enabling participants to commence their journey to implementing an effective QMS aligned with GLP.

AUDIENCE: Anyone strongly considering commercialising a product and wants to ensure that their results are reliable, reproducible and will meet the rigour of funding bodies.

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