MTP sector’s role in driving trade and investment: taking the message to Canberra

01 October 2018

In August, MTPConnect CEO Dr Dan Grant gave evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Australia’s trade system and the digital economy conducted by the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth.

The Committee considered the responsiveness and resilience of Australia's current trade architecture and regulatory system to the digital economy and disruptive technology. Dr Grant highlighted to MPs and Senators on the Committee the significant role played by the MTP sector in the Australian economy, the potential for future growth, and the role of MTPConnect - and the broader Industry Growth Centres Initiative - in promoting innovation and new export opportunities.

“We can't rest on our laurels if we are going to remain competitive,” Dr Grant said in his evidence.

“The MTP, the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector is already a significant contributor to the Australian economy.

“Although we're well positioned in the sector, the challenge is to remain competitive and to grow the industry's ability to sustain high-paying jobs to drive economic growth and, ultimately, to generate real patient outcomes.

“In this new digital world we need to be thinking about our opportunities on a global perspective. I think it's really important that we continue to support our companies to explore the global markets, particularly in some of the educational things we're doing within the sector, to ensure that, as those early-stage ideas are developing into companies, those companies do have not just a local, domestic, Asia perspective but a global perspective and global focus.”

To view the full transcript of Dr Grant’s evidence to the Inquiry, visit the Australian Parliament’s website.