How is MedTech Innovation Pushing the Frontiers of Human Movement? Join our Webinar!

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15 July 2020

The next instalment in our monthly Seminar Series, is our webinar ‘Frontiers of Biomechanics and Human Movement’ on 30 July.

In MTPConnect’s 2020 Sector Competitiveness Plan, human movement and sports science is flagged as an emerging megatrend in Australia. As the digital evolution drives the growth of new digital technologies, there is a revolution underway in the field of biomechanics that could impact wellbeing and healthy ageing.

This event will explore innovations from the sector including the latest developments in wearable sensors, data analytics, augmented ability and their applications in high-performance sport, work-place injury prevention, wellbeing and rehabilitation.

If you are exploring getting into sports science and/or interested in how sports research takes place behind the scenes, then this webinar is for you.

Joining us is Associate Professor Jacqueline Alderson from the University of Western Australia, a leading sports scientist working with elite sporting teams for over 20 years. Jacqueline will talk about developing the ‘digital twin’ model that uses Artificial Intelligence to improve an athletes performance by enabling researchers to perform real-time monitoring of a person’s health data and test scenarios on the data collected.

Catapult develops wearable technologies to address fundamental questions in athlete's performance, management and detailed analysis. Chief Technology Officer, Rick Wingfield will discuss the potential of the development of integrated technologies that have a proven track record of delivering innovation and digital transformation and his experience in this space with major organisations such as Barclays, AIA, NAB and Australia Post.

Platypus Technical design solutions, perform data and analysis and specialise in applying international research, knowledge, and best practice to improving health and performance. Director and Principal, Dr Lee Walsh will discuss his experience as an engineer and medical scientist in policy and regulation in medical devices and cyber security.

MTPConnect Managing Director & CEO, Dr Dan Grant will also join the discussion to share insights on the opportunities for such innovations in Australia. 

We hope you can join us.

Register here for this free webinar on 30 July 2020 from 11-12pm AEST.