BMTH Funding Advances Clinical Program for Bionic Vision Technologies’ Bionic Eye

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26 March 2021

Pictured: Bionic Vision Technologies Bionic Eye.

Melbourne-based medical technology start-up Bionic Vision Technologies (BVT) has started work on the next phase of development for its world-leading Australian bionic eye technology thanks to a recent funding boost from Round 3 of our BioMedTech Horizons program.

In late 2020, BVT was awarded $1 million from the BMTH program, which is supported by the Medical Research Future Fund. The funding will help BVT to refine its vision processing algorithms.

BVT’s bionic eye is designed for people with the inherited retinal disease retinitis pigmentosa which causes blindness and for which there is no current cure.

Recently published clinical study data from patients implanted with the device show the prosthesis is safe and gives significant improvements to functional vision and quality of life. Users reported an improved awareness of external objects and surroundings.

The funds will help finalise development of sophisticated vision processing software which turns images taken by a pair of smart glasses into signals that stimulate the brain to create information about what the user is ‘seeing’.

The new software is a key part of BVT’s next generation device set to be used in a global study aimed at gathering data to support regulatory submissions in major commercial markets. Early studies have confirmed safety and efficacy.

The Australian device has several technological advantages including a unique implant method that allows the device to be upgraded or replaced.

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