Vaccination vital for the ongoing health of Australia

06 March 2017

Vaccinations play a vital role in ensuring the ongoing health of Australian's, and undergo stringent testing and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approvals processes to ensure their proven benefit.

MTPConnect CEO, Sue MacLeman, said: “We are privileged in Australia to be able to say that we are no longer at high risk of infections and disease such as measles, mumps, and rubella, due to years of hard work and diligent public programs. Continued vaccination against these preventable infectious diseases is vital to ensure that we are not putting the entire Australian population back at risk.”

“The TGA Advisory Committee on Vaccines provides independent medical and scientific advice on the safety, quality and efficacy of vaccines from development, ongoing monitoring, and roll-out of immunisation programs – ensuring the need of, and positive outcomes from, any national programs.”

“Vaccine research is an important part of the history and future of MTP in Australia, and through our Project Fund Program MTPConnect is supporting a project to assist in landscaping Australia’s vaccine research capabilities and relevant services for the use by the whole MTP sector.”

In a consortium of 15 sector participants, the vaccine-focused Project Fund Program grant recipient will work to support SMEs, address roadblocks, and drive further Australian vaccine commercialisation success stories, building upon the likes of Gardasil.