MTPConnect Welcomes New Interns

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04 October 2021

Today we are delighted to welcome two new interns to MTPConnect who will be joining us for the next two months.

Dr Andionne Parlade will take up an internship as a Project Officer working within the REDI program, based in Melbourne.

Andionne has a Bachelor of Psychology and is an International Medical Graduate (Doctor of Medicine) from the Philippines. She is currently finishing a Master of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Monash University and hopes to pursue a career in medical research, focusing on the fields of neuroscience, neuropharmacology, or psychopharmacology.

Kevin Rajasekaran will take up an internship as Stakeholder Engagement Associate within the Stakeholder Engagement team, based in Melbourne.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Engineering & Biotechnology from SMVIT India. He is completing a Master of Biomedical and Health Sciences at Monash University, with an interest in the fields of neuroscience and bioinformatics and a desire to take his career into the biotech industry.

Please join us in giving Andionne and Kevin a very warm welcome.