Introducing Dana Bell - Innovation and Translation Intermediary, Adelaide Intermediary Program

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16 May 2022

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dana Bell as the Innovation and Translation Intermediary with MTPConnect’s Adelaide Intermediary Program.

Dana will be based in the Adelaide office working closely with Jo Close, Stephanie Morris and Pia Vogrin, and Adelaide BioMed City partners, providing advice and connections, and leading strategic projects that underpin the growth of health and biomedical innovation and translation in South Australia (SA).

Dana has more than 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry including roles with Novartis, AbbVie, Sanofi and Bayer across sales, partnerships and strategy. Her experience in multi-national companies is complemented by Board membership, business innovation and wellbeing roles in community organisations. She has led strategic partnerships that delivered results for a variety of stakeholders across the health sector in South Australia and beyond.

Dana holds a Bachelor of Science and a range of certifications in innovation and management.