CTCM Team Visit WA To Tour OncoRes Medical Facilities and more!

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28 March 2023

Pictured: Members of MTPConnect's Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) team meeting the OncoRes Medical team on a visit to the company's headquarters at Nedlands in Western Australia. Pictured fourth from the left, back row, Kevin Rajasekaran Associate Project Manager CTCM program, then to right in the back row, Danielle Shand Director CTCM program, Simon Graindorge COO OncoResMedical, Dr Katherine Giles Managing Director and CEO OncoRes Medical, and CTCM Program Partner Dr Andrew Milligan from the Medical Device Partnering Program.

MTPConnect’s Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) program team, along with CTCM Program Partner Dr Andrew Milligan from Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP), visited Perth this week to tour the headquarters of Round 1 CTCM awardee, OncoRes Medical.

OncoRes Medical is developing a novel diagnostic imaging system to guide complete surgical clearance of cancer in breast conserving surgery. Breast cancer is the most common cancer with 2.3 million women diagnosed each year globally.

CTCM-funded project to advance commercialisation of device

The foundation of curative treatment is complete surgical removal of the tumour, usually by via breast conserving surgery/lumpectomy (BCS). However, up to 35 per cent of BCS patients will need repeat surgery due to incomplete excision, with huge economic costs as well as physical and psychological burdens for patients and families.

OncoRes Medical has demonstrated early clinical feasibility of a handheld imaging device to guide real time decision making for surgeons in the surgical cavity, and CTCM is funding a project to advance the commercialisation of OncoRes’ device toward a marketed product in Australia and will deliver a critical and important clinical evidence point by conducting a multi-site Australian study.

Pictured: From left, CTCM Program Partner Dr Andrew Milligan from Medical Device Partnering Program, and from MTPConnect - Dr Tracey Wilkinson Director Stakeholder Engagement WA, Danielle Shand Director Clinical Translation and Commercialisation MedTech (CTCM) program, Kevin Rajasekaran Associate Project Manager CTCM program, Dean Nedelkos Manager Stakeholder Engagement WA, and Rebekah Craggs Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator WA catching-up during the CTCM visit to Perth recently.

Building a strong culture and fostering talent

Led by OncoRes Medical CEO Dr Katharine Giles on a tour of the company’s facility, the team met COO Dr Simon Graindorge, as well as members of the broader organisation. It was impressive and encouraging from the moment the team stepped into the headquarters that OncoRes Medical was building a strong culture that fostered their talent. Stepping into the laboratory and workshops, the team were shown how the handheld probe worked and the complex components that made up the device.

The CTCM team also caught up with MTPConnect’s WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub team, who organised a joint seminar event with Moore Australia, an audit, accounting tax and advisory firm. The event explored fund raising, tips on attracting investment to the sector and the development of an Environmental Social and Governance framework.

Pictured: From left, members of MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub team - Dean Nedelkos Manager Stakeholder Engagement WA and Dr Tracey Wilkinson Director Stakeholder Engagement WA - catching up with MTPConnect Clinical Translation and Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) program team - Danielle Shand Director CTCM program and Kevin Rajasekaran Associate Project Manager CTCM program - at the WA Hub.