MTPConnect welcomes move to restore roles to skilled migration visa lists

05 July 2017

MTPConnect has welcomed news of the restoration of a number of roles to the skilled migration visa list by the Australian Government. As of 1 July 2017, 36 roles have been restored to the four-year visa stream, including biotechnologist and biochemist.

MTPConnect worked strongly behind the scenes advocating for the sector directly with government to assist in driving the restoration of roles deemed critical for the ongoing growth and success of the Australian medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector.

MTPConnect CEO Sue MacLeman said “While the Australian MTP sector is world-leading, skills and expertise gaps are still a reality and the inclusion of targeted and specific occupations, such as biochemist and life scientist, in the medical research ecosystem for skilled migrants is currently essential to ensure our continued growth and status as a leader in the field.”

“International collaboration and skills transfer play an important role in ensuring ongoing innovation in Australian research and product development, and ultimately the ongoing health of our population and economy.”

“Since the initial announcement in April, MTPConnect has been working closely with the Australian Government to provide guidance and sector insights regarding skilled migration. We welcome this announcement and the government’s acknowledgement of the importance of our sector, and look forward to ongoing engagement regarding any future changes.”

Skilled migration lists will be renewed on a six-monthly basis, and MTPConnect will continue to work closely with government and the sector to provide insights, guidance and support.