SA Insights Series Featuring GPN Vaccines

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22 June 2023

Join Jo Close, Director of the Adelaide Intermediary Program, as she hosts MTPConnect’s SA Insights Series for July.

Jo will be chatting on the couch with GPN Vaccines Chairman and CEO, Dr Tim Hirst, and Director of Research Operations, Dr Eve Kennedy.

GPN Vaccines is leading the race to develop the world’s first broad spectrum streptococcal vaccine. Each year up to two million are dying from infections such as pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis and middle ear infections caused by S. pneumoniae. GPN’s innovative gamma-irradiated technology has been shown in preclinical studies to be safe and effective against many serotypes including those not covered by existing vaccines – a game changer to achieve broad-spectrum immunity.

This is an inspiring story of technology developed here in Adelaide, manufactured here in Adelaide and in clinical trials here in Adelaide. We will find out more about the technology, the company and the people behind GPN Vaccines – including GPN Vaccines recent capital raise, its local partnerships and progress of its Phase I clinical trial.

Register to attend: SA Insights Series - GPN Vaccines 27 July