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27 June 2023

The Australian Society for Medical Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ASME) is a not-for-profit organisation recently established as a home for doctors, medical students, and other clinicians who want to utilise their training and experience to make a significant impact on healthcare through entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Whether you are a current or aspiring business founder, intrapreneur, innovative clinician, or through activities that can impact the health ecosystem, such as through advisory or policy development, ASME is the medical society for you.

By joining ASME you will join a like-minded group of industry professionals who recognise that you can have an impact on healthcare and patients inside and outside of clinical practice. 

As a member of ASME you will receive a regular newsletter about the latest in medical entrepreneurship and innovation, gain access to ecosystem events and networking opportunities, get involved in the ASME internship program and be inspired by stories from medical innovators making a difference in Australia.

The group was founded by Dr Brandon Carp and is supported by Committee members Dr Lior Rachberger (Treasurer), Dr Daniel Zou (Secretary), Dr Amandeep Hansra, Dr Katherine Giles, Dr Jenny Tran and Dr Simon Kos.

"I have always believed that doctors are uniquely placed to identify problems and see opportunities to improve healthcare. I founded this society to provide a home for all those clinicians who wish to use their training, experience, and skills to make an impact at scale in healthcare. Such a home has been missing, and I hope its creation will encourage more entrepreneurship and innovation and see it recognised as a legitimate complement or alternative to clinical work," said ASME Founder and President Dr Brandon Carp.

It's free to join, so find out more on the ASME website and follow on LinkedIn for news and updates!

MTPConnect's REDI initiative is providing set up support and seed funding to ASME. It follows MTPConnect’s efforts through the REDI initiative to establish the Australian Clinical Entrepreneur Program pilot in 2022 based on the successful UK NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program. AUSCEP is an entrepreneurial workforce development program aiming to develop the innovation and entrepreneurial mindset of Australia’s clinicians and healthcare professionals and is currently delivered in Victoria, NSW and WA by the University of Melbourne and the University of Western Australia partnership. ASME Committee members Dr Carp and Dr Hansra are also involved in AUSCEP’s clinical leadership team.

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