SA Insights: Nuclear Medicine Advances Changing Cancer Treatment

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02 August 2023

Join Stephanie Morris, Director of Innovation and Translation, Adelaide Intermediary Program, as she hosts MTPConnect’s SA Insights Series for August focusing on radiopharmaceuticals.

Stephanie will facilitate a fire-side chat with AdvanCell Isotopes CEO, Andrew Adamovich, and AdvanCell's Head of Product Development and Director of Operations, Dr Kevin Kuan.

AdvanCell has developed a portfolio of novel 'Targeted Alpha Therapies' that harness the power of nuclear medicine to treat hard-to-treat cancer types by selectively targeting tumour cells even when spread throughout the body. The company has also built the world’s first benchtop alpha isotope generator to ensure reliable and scalable supply where it’s needed.

Join us to hear insights on the advancement of radiopharmacueticals as a next generation cancer therapy, and how AdvanCell Isotopes has raised capital from domestic and international backers, leveraged government support and created their award-winning platform alpha isotope generator and novel therapies.

Now AdvanCell, which is headquartered in Sydney, is expanding its footprint in South Australia through local partnerships.

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for this event in Adelaide, which will be followed by an opportunity to network over drinks and nibbles.

When/Where: 5:30pm - 7:30pm (ACST) Thursday, 24 August 2023 at AHMS Lecture Theatre G030 at University of Adelaide

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