In Case You Missed It: Here’s What The MTPConnect Team Has Been Up To in August

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12 September 2023

New BMTH Report Reveals Investors Back Homegrown Future Medical Devices After MRFF Funding
As the second phase of the BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) program moves to completion, a new report has captured the outcomes of 38 innovations awarded $30.3 million funding in the second, third and fourth rounds. These powerful case studies highlight the journey of Australian companies supported by the program, striving to commercialise their medical products. To celebrate these homegrown innovations, the BioMedTech Horizons program brought together more than 120 innovators to the Finale event in Melbourne to connect, collaborate and inspire through sharing their commercialisation journeys.

National Action Plan Released to Build Australia’s Diagnostic Technology Sector and Improve Health Security
MTPConnect and Pathology Technology Australia (PTA) have released an Action Plan for establishing an end-to-end sovereign manufacturing capability for diagnostic products in Australia and strengthening supply chain resilience. The Action Plan makes a range of practical recommendations to achieve the goal of a flourishing sovereign diagnostics manufacturing ecosystem and is the culmination of extensive consultation with more than 140 stakeholders across the country and direct contributions from those at the frontline. Read it here!

REDI Fellowships: MTPConnect Industry Fellowships Building Life Science Workforce Skills
MTPConnect has announced that a further two highly skilled Australian medical science researchers have been selected for the REDI Fellowship Program. Dr Destiny Dalseno, from WEHI will travel to South Korea to undertake a three-month project with Yuhan, focusing on drug development for solid tumours. Dr Shayanti Mukherjee, from The Hudson Institute of Medical Research will work with Moderna’s Regional Research Centre for Respiratory Medicines & Tropical Diseases in Melbourne, involving R&D business operations. Congratulations to the Fellows!

Chair Jaala Pulford Shares Views on Becoming the Clever Country
Our Chair Jaala Pulford recently shared her views about the Medical Research Future Fund and how medical research commercialisation is improving health and the economy. “While Australia is excellent at research, ranking in the global top five, the Global Innovation Index has us at just 37th in the world for outputs from that research. These measures highlight the opportunity for Australia to boost our capacity for the translation and commercialisation of sophisticated medical products derived from our health and medical research and drive creation of new jobs to underpin future economic diversification and resiliency.” The piece was first published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald's 'Examine' newsletter by Liam Mannix. Read it here.

Podcasting from BIO 2023 in Boston
Check out this month's new episode where we take you to MTPConnect’s inaugural seminar on 'Australian Women in Life Sciences Leadership - a Global Perspective' held during BIO 2023 in Boston. The seminar, supported by Sanofi, showcased inspiring stories, insights and advice from trailblazing leaders and we caught up with two of the guest speakers, Dr Iris Depaz from Sanofi, and Sibylle Hauser from California Life Sciences, about their career trajectories and what Women’s Leadership means to them.

Calling Clinician Entrepreneurs to Join ASME
Are you a clinician wanting to transform healthcare through innovation - join the Australian Society for Medical Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Founded by Dr Brandon Carp and backed by a committee of 'medical entrepreneurs' with diverse skills and backgrounds, it's a home created for doctors & other healthcare professionals to connect with medical entrepreneurs & innovators. Check out all the details on their website, follow on LinkedIn and join as a member for free!

In WA - Business Insights Series: Valuation
WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub in conjunction with Moore Australia (WA) hosted a workshop on valuation in Perth this month as part of their Business Insights Series. Valuation specialists provided insights into the valuation process and how it applies to valuing early-stage innovation companies. This was followed by a discussion with investors who shared their insights on issues to consider when valuing a company for investment.

SA Insights Series August: Featuring AdvanCell
Stephanie Morris, Director of Innovation and Translation, Adelaide Intermediary Program, hosted MTPConnect's SA Insights Series for August with AdvanCell Isotopes CEO, Andrew Adamovich, and Head of Product Development and Director of Operations, Dr Kevin Kuan. The group discussed the advancement of radiopharmacueticals as a growing cancer therapy, and how AdvanCell Isotopes has raised capital and created an award-winning platform alpha isotope generator and novel therapies.

WA MTP Sector Spotlight Series featuring VitalTrace
Dr Tracey Wilkinson spoke with VitalTrace CEO & Co-Founder Dr Arjun Kaushik and Head of Regulatory & Quality Dr Celine Royet, as they shared their team’s journey developing a real-time fetal biosensor to monitor mothers and babies during childbirth, an area that hasn't seen significant innovation in decades.

Finalists Announced for AustTechComp 2023
Congratulations to the 21 AustTechComp finalists including ARIA Research and Alcolizer Technology. MTPConnect is sponsoring the Medtech and Pharma category again this year, and the National Finals & Awards Night will be held on 28 September in Sydney – get your tickets now!

Case Study - SA State-wide Capabilities Connected to Secure Funding to Boost Emerging Cancer Treatments
When the Australian Government announced its MRFF National Critical Research Infrastructure grant opportunity in 2022, MTPConnect’s Adelaide Intermediary Program was called upon to support South Australian applications. Find out how the team coordinated a state-wide approach, strengthened applicants’ proposals, and improved the odds of success for positive funding outcomes.

Case Study - Lixa: Revolutionizing Anti-Infection Treatments and Raising Awareness on Antimicrobial Resistance
Lixa, an emerging biotech startup based in Western Australia, is on a mission to resolve recurring microbial infections and contaminations by developing a novel approach that makes resistant bacteria vulnerable to antibiotics and the immune system again. Find out more about their antibiofilm technology and the company’s mission to raise awareness about AMR.

STEM Sisters Mentorship Program
Congratulations to MTPConnect team members Dr Andionne (Didi) Parlade and Dr Meghana Kulkarni who have been selected for the STEM Sisters Mentoring Program. Stem Sis is a mentoring program dedicated to supporting women of colour (WOC) in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Farewell Team Member Dean Nedelkos
We farewelled Dean Nedelkos in our WA team who has made a great contribution to our WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub, and we wish him well for the future.