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30 May 2024 / Biotechnology / Collaboration / Companies / Healthcare / Heart Research / Investors / Researchers / Services / Start-Ups / TTRA program

Bush Tick Breakthrough – Revolutionising Stroke Therapy With Nature's Anti-Clotting Drug

Stroke is the second leading cause of death and third leading cause of disability worldwide, impacting 15 million people globally and 60,000 Australians each year. In response to these challenges, the Heart Research Institute and the University of Sydney have spearheaded an initiative aimed at revolutionising stroke therapy. Find out more.

24 Apr 2024 / Artificial Intelligence / BMTH program / Companies / Digital Health / Healthcare / Medical Technology / WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub

Leveraging AI To Accurately Identify Patients At Risk Of Coronary Artery Disease

Artrya, a Perth-based digital health company, is set on improving clinical outcomes for those at risk of heart attack through its Artificial Intelligence-based tools to analyse coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) images. Artrya’s approach is to minimise requirements for highly invasive tests and to extend the insight available through the non-invasive CCTA.

27 Feb 2024 / Collaboration / Companies / Digital Health / Entrepreneurship / Healthcare / Investors / Medical Technology / Researchers / Spin out company / Start-Ups / TTRA program

TTRA Program Funding Enables Formation Of Spin Out Companies To Accelerate Translation

Formation of a spin out company from an academic institute is an important step for commercialisation of a product or solution. Read about three such spin out companies enabled by our Targeted Translation Research Accelerator program funding: Nanomedx, Torch Recruit and Endo Axiom.

30 Jan 2024 / Adelaide Intermediary Program / Biotechnology / Collaboration / Healthcare / Manufacturing / Medical Technology / Pharmaceuticals / Researchers / Training

First year of South Australia's Biomanufacturing Industry Doctoral Training PhD+ program is a success

In the first year of the Biomanufacturing Industry Doctoral Training Centre (IDTC) PhD+ Program, participating students have gained access to industry knowledge and development opportunities in technical skills, leadership and commercialisation. MTPConnect, through its Adelaide Intermediary Program (AIP), is delivering PhD Plus sessions as part of the biomanufacturing stream of the initiative. Hear from some of the PhD students participating and their industry and academic mentors.

18 Dec 2023 / Companies / Manufacturing / WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub

Medical Manufacturing Vouchers Boost WA Capabilities and Jobs

The WA Medical Manufacturing Voucher Program launched in 2021 by the WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub has delivered a major boost for medical products manufacturing in Western Australia. Find out more about the progress of the five WA-based companies awarded funding to accelerate innovation projects.

27 Nov 2023 / Companies / Digital Health / Entrepreneurship / Healthcare / Medical Technology / WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub

WA’s Metabolic Health Solutions is on a mission to test the world’s metabolism

Metabolic Health Solutions (MHS) is a digitally-enabled medtech company founded in WA in December 2015 with a mission to revolutionize the way metabolic health is measured, monitored, and manage. Find out about the company's commercialisation journey, and how it has been influenced by the support and opportunities provided by the WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub.

10 Nov 2023 / Collaboration / Companies / Healthcare / Medical Technology / Researchers / TTRA program

Nirtek’s Guidewire for Unstable Plaque Detection – Finding Ticking Time-Bombs to Prevent Heart Attack

Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. In Australia, heart attacks account for nearly one in 20 deaths or on average 19 people dying every day. TTRA awardee Nirtek is developing a smart diagnostic device that is providing new optimism in this extremely challenging health field.

23 Oct 2023 / Adelaide Intermediary Program / BMTH program / Collaboration / Companies / Healthcare / Medical Technology / Researchers

Miniprobes – Smart Brain Biopsy Needle To Provide Real-Time Image Guidance To Neurosurgeons

Each year over 1,900 Australians are diagnosed with brain tumours. Needle brain biopsies are a standard part of the diagnosis, with over 37,000 brain biopsies performed each year in the US and Europe. Through a BMTH-funded project, Miniprobes is developing a smart needle that can detect when it is correctly positioned in cancerous tissue.

23 Oct 2023 / BMTH program / Clinical trials / Companies / Healthcare / Medical Technology / Researchers

Optiscan – Intra-oral Digital Microscope Set To Revolutionise Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer is a devastating condition that carries high mortality and morbidity rates when not detected and treated early. Melbourne-based Optiscan Imaging Ltd has developed an intra-oral digital microscope that can distinguish between normal, precancerous and cancerous oral tissue – a promising alternative to current testing methods.

23 Oct 2023 / BMTH program / Companies / Healthcare / Investors / Medical Technology / Researchers / WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub

OncoRes Medical – Novel Diagnostic Imaging System Aims To Identify Residual Cancer During Surgery

Cancerous tissue has an elasticity difference compared to surrounding normal tissue. During surgery this is assessed by the surgeon by touch, through surgical gloves which dampens their sense of touch significantly. WA-based OncoRes Medical is developing a novel diagnostic imaging system for clearance of cancer during breast conserving surgery.

23 Oct 2023 / BMTH program / Clinical trials / Companies / Healthcare / Manufacturing / Medical Technology / Researchers

Ferronova – Transforming Colorectal Cancer Outcomes With More Accurate Micro-metastases Identification

Colorectal (bowel) cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide. In Australia, it causes the second highest number of cancer deaths per annum and has its greatest impact on people of 60-79 years of age. SA-based biotech company Ferronova is developing and testing a surgical oncology tracer system through BMTH-funding.

19 Oct 2023 / BMTH program / Companies / Healthcare / Investors / Medical Technology / Researchers

Enlighten Imaging - Advanced Hyperspectral Retinal Imaging To Transform The Diagnosis Of Eye And Central Nervous System Diseases

Vision impairment and blindness are major public health issues in Australia, with over 13 million people experiencing at least one long-term vision disorder in 2017–18. Older people are particularly at risk. Enlighten Imaging, a medtech company, has developed a novel eye imaging method inspired by NASA satellite technology.

13 Oct 2023 / BMTH program / Clinical trials / Companies / Healthcare / Investors / Medical Technology / Researchers / WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub

ResusRight – Novel Monitor Advancing The Standard of Care For Neonatal Resuscitation

Each year, three to six per cent of babies require positive pressure ventilation (PPV) at birth to begin breathing. With 134 million births in 2021, there were up to eight million babies requiring PPV including around 17,000 babies in Australia. Hoping to ease this burden and advance neonatal resuscitation, ResusRight has developed the NEMO Clinical Monitor.

12 Oct 2023 / BMTH program / Companies / Entrepreneurship / Healthcare / Investors / Manufacturing / Medical Technology / Researchers / Start-Ups / WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub

VitalTrace – On a Mission to Prevent Childbirth Complications by Developing a Real-time Fetal Biosensor

Childbirth remains a comparatively high-risk period for both mother and child, and delivery complications can result in disability. WA-based VitalTrace was founded to improve safety for mothers and babies during childbirth by developing a precision real-time fetal biosensor. Read about this BMTH-funded project.