Case Studies

14 Mar 2018 / Companies / Services

Industry Mentoring Fosters Innovation in STEM

The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) has seen positive results from its MedTech-Pharma program with 141 students participating across 11 Universities in four states (VIC, NSW, QLD and SA).

06 Mar 2018 / Companies / Investors

Global Investment Program Supports Investment in AU Life Sciences

Looking to improve management and workforce skills, the AusBiotech-led Global Investment Program in Life Sciences is enhancing the capability of the Australian life sciences sector to engage with international markets. By collaborating with consortium members, AusBiotech is putting the Australian life sciences sector and its companies front and centre.

27 Feb 2018 / Companies / Researchers

Accelerating the future of biomedical innovation in Australia

Since March 2017, Accelerating Australia has been working to advance the Australian early stage biomedical innovation ecosystem. It's 160 participants across four courses have gone on to win commercial grants, seed funding and placements in accelerator programs.

22 Feb 2018 / Companies / Researchers

World-first vaccine for highly prevalent and damaging gum disease

Bringing together world-class scientific and clinical research teams with Australian manufacturers and established global marketers and distributors, the Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has developed a vaccine to target gum disease.

16 Feb 2018 / Companies

MTPConnect-led delegation showcases Australian medtech on the international stage

MTPConnect took 29 Australians to the 2017 MedTech Conference in San Jose, that brought together thousands of medical technology professionals from the US and across the globe.

13 Feb 2018 / Companies / Researchers / Services

Advancing Health and Accelerating Discovery with Genome Sequencing

Genetic disorders can go undiagnosed in patients leading to people enduring lengthy and invasive tests to try and find answers. Genome.One has developed a genomic test for rare and genetic conditions to assist Australians who are searching for a diagnosis.

09 Jan 2018 / Companies / Researchers

Championing the future of biomedical innovation and design in Australia

The SPARK Co-Lab Design team, NIMo, have been on the fast track to innovation with their wearable device for the self-management of irritable bowel disease (or Non- Invasive Monitoring).

19 Dec 2017 / Companies / Researchers

QUT's Bridge Program Fostering Collaboration

The inaugural Bridge Program is making its mark - with an abundance of partners on board such as MSD, AbbVie, Amgen, Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF), Pfizer and QUT. Eager Australian participants networked and shared their experiences at the Bridge Program’s official launch in June 2017, Residential Training Program in October 2017, and official close in November 2017.

10 Oct 2017 / Companies / Researchers

CERI's Entrepreneurial Mindset inspires a new way of thinking

The WA-based Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation (CERI) offers a program focused on inspiring participants to think beyond the world of academia and help them develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

15 Sep 2017 / Companies / Researchers / Services

Wound Innovations provides relief for chronic wound patients

An innovative new health service dedicated to wound care is set to improve access to specialist care for patients across the country, and is already having significant impact.

20 Jun 2017 / Companies / Investors / Services

CoSec Consulting: Compliance solutions to benefit the Australian biotech sector

CoSec aims to build the Australian Biotech and Tech industry through providing compliance solutions in a 'one-stop-shop' format.

16 Mar 2017 / Companies / Services

Exigence: IT Infrastructure solutions for MTP

Exigence IT is an IT service provider specialising in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health sector, encompassing on-premise, cloud and hybrid systems, and providing the development, implementation and support of bespoke solutions.

21 Feb 2017 / Companies / Investors / Services

Mapping the health innovation ecosystem to track progress and accessibility

New innovations in health are appearing every day. What was an industry dominated by large companies producing drugs and devices is now diversifying.

21 Feb 2017 / Companies / Researchers / Services

National mentoring program fosters an innovation culture

A novel mentoring program is leading the way in giving PhD students a better understanding of the commercial and industrial world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

10 Feb 2017 / Companies / Services

Co-located R&D and manufacturing fosters innovation at Cook Medical

Cook Medical is one of a few companies in the world to make custom (hand-sewn) aortic stents that aim to improve the outcomes for patients requiring endovascular repair worldwide and is an Australian (Brisbane) manufacturing and medical success story.