Noisy Guts Pty Ltd

Noisy Guts Pty Ltd has developed a non-invasive acoustic belt that uses artificial intelligence to decode gut noises to accurately diagnose and monitor common gut disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In 2014, Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall heard about some acoustic sensing technology that detects the tiny munching sounds of termites. 

The idea percolated. What if, you could apply acoustic sensing technology to the human guts? What if listening to the gut was the key to improving global gut health? Noisy Guts use artificial intelligence to decode gut noises so that we can non-invasively and accurately diagnose and monitor common gut disorders. 

Noisy Guts have taken a blue-sky idea, built and tested a fail-fast prototype, patented, published and piloted a field prototype that diagnoses Irritable Bowel Syndrome with 91% accuracy. The project's next milestone is to undertake the development and clinical trials needed to register a regulatory compliant device with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. This is the ultimate step in translating their research into a market-ready product and securing investment to launch into the market.

BTB Round: One

State: Western Australia


  • MTPConnect Grant: $260,186
  • Industry Contribution: $659,066

Duration: March 2020 – March 2021 (Terminated)

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Contact: Dr Josephine Muir, CEO & Co-Founder, Noisy Guts 

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