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Founded in 2018, aKin Australia is an AI robotics company developing solutions to humanity's most pressing problems.

Our empathic AI systems are designed to facilitate symbiotic relationships with humans to provide both cognitive and physical assistance.
Our multidisciplinary team of 19 have successfully delivered on partnerships with NASA, JPL, and the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (Hey Pixi – recognised as one of the only federally-compliant AI Assistive Technologies).

Hey Pixi, powered by aKin’s proprietary generative AI, has already rolled out to over 100 Australian homes, empowering people with disability in their daily lives. A project that has expected growth topping a $1.93B value proposition.

Our AI and robotics systems are multi-applicable; providing capabilities for telehealth, 24/7 at-home care, independent living for the person, and better public health data for clinicians and researchers.

See the aKin website or the Heypixi website for more details. 

LinkedIn: aKin Assistive Technology

Contact: info@akin.com