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OncoRes Medical is a device company dedicated to redefining cancer surgery, with a focus on Breast Conserving Surgery (BCS) for breast cancer, where up to a third of patients need a repeat surgery because of incomplete cancer clearance the first time. 

OncoRes Medical has developed a handheld cancer imaging probe that provides real-time surgical guidance by differentiating cancerous from healthy tissue. This empowers surgeons to achieve greater precision to reduce the re-excision rate for BCS. At the core of OncoRes Medical solution is the QME (Quantitative Micro Elastography) imaging system, which measures tissue stiffness at the micro-scale, and has shown best-in-class sensitivity and specificity in clinical testing. This advanced imaging technology was developed in collaboration with leading surgeons, pathologists, and scientists in Western Australia, and is broadly applicable across the 17 million solid tumours diagnosed globally.

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Contact: info@oncoresmedical.com.au