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Sleeptite is an Australian innovation and technology company focused on creating world-leading products for the connected bedroom whether it be in a home, hospital, prison, barracks, or boarding school. 

Sleeptite has also designed, developed, and commercialised innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and other sleep related products. Sleeptite has developed an advanced ‘nearable’ sensor technology based on soft and pliable electronics. 

The foundation of Sleeptite's patented REMi technology is printable, flexible, stretchable sensors embedded into healthcare industry-standard mattress protectors. These soft electronics can sense human presence, posture, and biometrics. 

REMi's data is transmitted to cloud-based dashboards that can be viewed by care staff. Real time analysis of resident status prioritises quality care to residents who need it most, while allowing other residents to receive an uninterrupted sleep.

See Sleeptite's website for more details.

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