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VeinTech is an Australian medical device company, aiming to reduce the failure rate associated with cannulation. 

2 billion intravenous cannulas are sold worldwide annually, up to 90% of inpatients require a cannula. Unfortunately, over 1 in 3 patients have veins that are difficult to visualize, leading to a 40% insertion failure rate and multiple re-attempts. This leads to worsened patient outcomes, reduced clinician productivity and unsustainable costs to healthcare.

VeinTech’s solution is the VeinWise – a handheld ultraportable unit designed to assist with visualising veins to target for cannulation. The VeinWise helps clinicians find the right vein, first time, every time by meeting the need for clinically effective but easy to use visualisation technology. 

VeinTech is at the clinical stage and are keen to connect with clinical, commercial and investment partners.

See VeinTech's website for more details 

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Nik Bappoo, Co-founder, Director & CTO.
Nick Buckley
, Co-founder, Director & CEO.