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Job-ready clinical trial interns

Australian Health Journal | 13 December 2022

QUT training program receives funding to accelerate Australian medical device innovations

Mirage News | 6 December 2022

Breakthrough cancer research recognised for excellence

AusHealth News | 6 December 2022

Sovereign Capability Uplifted - Launch of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Training for human health products

Australian Health Journal | 25 November 2022

MIPS researcher scores sought-after placement with CSL

Monash University | 21 November 2022

MTPConnect announces 16 REDI Fellowships in industry roles

BiotechDispatch | 15 November 2022

Stem Cells Market Size to be Worth $31.6 by 2030 at CAGR of 11.4%: Grand View Research Inc.

CISION PR Newwire | 27 October 2022

New funding for Bridge Program

Mirage News | 26 October 2022

New funding for Bridge Program

The National Tribune | 26 October 2022

New funding for Bridge Program

QUT News | 26 October 2022

15 medical research and technology projects receive millions of funding

HealthcareChannel | 25 October 2022

$1.5M funding awarded for new APAS® instrument

LISTCORP. | 24 October 2022

Funding success for Sydney cardiac & diabetes researchers

Mirage News | 21 October 2022

$16.9M for cutting edge medical innovations

Medical Buyer | 21 October 2022

First-of-its-kind health app to be trialled for young people managing diabetes and mental health

Western Sydney University | 21 October 2022

MTPConnect announces Round 2 funding to accelerate transformative diabetes and cardiovascular disease innovations

AusHSI | 21 October 2022

Funding success for Sydney cardiac & diabetes researchers

The National Tribune | 21 October 2022

$16.9 million for cutting edge medical innovations

BioMelbourne Network | 21 October 2022

Minds of Melbourne Connect: Associate Professor Elif Ekinci at the Australian Centre for Accelerating Diabetes Innovations

The University of Melbourne, Melbourne Connect | 4 October 2022

BTB Initiative wraps up with impact

Uniquest | 14 September 2022

Clinical Translation & Commercialisation Medtech (CTCM) Round 2 Now Open

TCF Services Newsletter | 9 September 2022

New Clincial Entrepreneurship Program to support skills growth for Australian healthcare professionals

University of Melbourne, Research | 6 September 2022

New Clinical Entrepreneur Program Officially Launched

The University of Western Australia News | 6 September 2022

Launch of new Australian Clinical Entrepreneur Program

Government of Western Australia | 5 September 2022

Adelaide BioMed City (ABMC) advances as SA's health and medical research commercialisation catalyst, announcing a new Board and partnership with MTPConnect

Adelaide BioMed City News | 1 September 2022 

Starpharma wins recognition for development of COVID-19 antiviral nasal spray

Biotech Dispatch | 30 August 2022

Join MTPConnect's Australian delegation to the MedTech Conference in Boston in October

BioMelbourne Network | 25 August 2022

2022 WA Health Hackathon Recap

WA Data Science Innovation Hub | 24 August 2022

CSIRO opens 'missing link' lab to developing Australian vaccine pipeline

Biotech Dispatch | 11 August 2022

CTCM Round 2 Expressions of Interest Open 9 September 2022

Medical Technology Association of Australia | 3 August 2022

MTPConnect Commercialisation Program opens soon

Israel Inspired by Innovation - Israel Trade and Economic Commission, Sydney | 1 August 2022

MTPConnect-backed national biologics manufacturing facility opened by industry minister

Australian Manufacturing | 11 August 2022

MTPConnect's CTCM program launches next funding opportunity to boost commercialisation of Australian medical devices

Australian Manufacturing | 29 July 2022 

MTPConnect commercialisation program opens soon

Innovation Aus | 28 July 2022

MTPConnect launches funding opportunity for medtech players in Australia

Agadir Group | 28 July 2022 

MTPConnect launches funding opportunity for medtech players in Australia

BioSpectrum Asia | 28 July 2022 

MTPConnect launches next funding opportunity for medical device companies

Health Dispatch | 27 July 2022 

TGA's new report on cell and gene therapy regulation

BIoPharma Dispatch | 22 July 2022 

GSK boss shares industry insights and experiences with research graduates

BIoPharma Dispatch | 21 June 2022 

MTPConnect’s REDI Fellowship Program Re-opens

Startup News WA | 30 May 2022 

Two WA projects win major medtech grants

Startup News WA | 18 May 2022 

MTPConnect's REDI Fellowship Program Re-Opens - Call for Industry Sponsors to Apply for Final Round

Australian Manufacturing | 17 May 2022 

UniSA Develops First-in-Human Trial for Aggressive Brain Tumours

OpenGov Asia | 17 May 2022 

$4.5 million in fellowships for MedTech and BioTech stars

InnovationAus | 14 May 2022  

BPH’s investee Cortical Dynamics awarded AU$137,000 by MTPConnect

Kalkin Media | 13 May 2022 

Australia drives medical product development with new initiatives

Biospectrum Asia | 13 May 2022 

University of Sydney researchers awarded REDI Industry Fellowships

The University of Sydney | 13 May 2022 

MTPConnect's REDI contestable program training contract awarded to CBE Consortium

CBE | 12 May 2022

Proteomics International (ASX:PIQ) awarded funding to support diabetic kidney disease test development

The Market Herald | 12 May 2022 

ARCS GROW Program ready to branch out

ARCS Australia | 12 May 2022 

Further boost for Australian Medtech Research Commercialisation

University of Technology Sydney | 12 May 2022 

West Australian based researcher Dr Cathy Sucher Awarded REDI Fellowship high priority project, with one of Australia’s most innovative companies

Ear Science Institute Australia | 12 May 2022

Fast-tracked: First in-human trial for aggressive brain tumours

University of South Australia | 12 May 2022

UTS pharmacy researcher awarded REDI Fellowship

University of Technology Sydney | 12 May 2022 

REDI Fellowships for Medical Research

LaTrobe University | 12 May 2022 

Bringing Industry and Academia Together in Australia

CSL Behring | 12 May 2022 

Medical products sector a powerhouse of job creation – new report from MTPConnect

Australian Manufacturing | 29 April 2022

Stuart Dignam the new CEO of MTPConnect

BiotechDispatch | 26 April 2022

MTPConnect announces support for major new resilience projects

Biotech Dispatch | 7 April 2022

Huge funding boost to launch Australia’s first collaborative cardiovascular research accelerator

Mirage News | 15 January 2022

TTRA Grant Success: Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute a founding member of the National Research Centre for Cardiovascular Disease

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute | 14 January 2022

$10m for national stroke & heart research translation accelerator

The University of Sydney | 14 January 2022

Huge funding boost to launch Australia's first collaborative cardiovascular research accelerator

Monash University | 14 January 2022

Research to target heart disease, diabetes

The Canberra Times | 14 January 2022

$21.8 million to turn medical research into better patient care

The Department of Health - Media release | 14 January 2022

Western Australia - $1m boost for medical products manufacturing

Australian Manufacturing Technology | 30 November 2021

Nirtek begins R&D collaboration with TTRA funding support

BiotechDispatch | 11 November 2021

$1m boost for WA medical products manufacturing

AMTIL In Industry News | 04 November 2021

Manufacturing grants for medical innovations

Business News | 04 November 2021

$1M boost for WA medical products manufacturing

Startup News WA | 03 November 2021

Australia well placed to meet growing demand for medicinal cannabis in the next decade

cannabiz | 26 October 2021

Grants to help manufacturers commercialise great ideas

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources | 07 October 2021

Aussie tick spit breakthrough may be key to clot-busting stroke treatment

The Australian | 27 September 2021

More federal funding aims to improve the lives of Australians through health and medical research 

Aged Care News | 27 September 2021 

MTPConnect joins industry funding to government-backed research

BioPharma Dispatch | 24 September 2021

ANDHealth, MTPConnect share in early stage commercialisation grants

Pulse+IT | 23 August 2021

Gov’t backs medical innovation, research with $79m

InnovationAus | 20 August 2021

New report calls for change on reimbursement of regenerative medicines

BioPharmaDispatch | 13 August 2021

Strengthening Australia’s regenerative medicine value chain

Biotech Dispatch | 12 August 2021

Govt ‘stonewalls’ release of Growth Centres report

InnovationAus | 09 August 2021

Regenerative med a $6b play

Pharma in Focus | 04 August 2021

Labor tries to force release of growth centres report

InnovationAus | 04 August 2021

Covid study incorporating Dimerix’s DMX-200 adds more sites

Mirage News | 03 August 2021

Draft roadmap for Australian regenerative medicine released for comment

Biotech Dispatch | 29 July 2021 

Fifteen manufacturers receive $7.1 million to commercialise products

Manufacturers Monthly | 23 July 2021

Interview: Christian Porter on the industry portfolio

InnovationAus | 23 July 2021

Dimerix (ASX:DXB) advances COVID-19 Phase 3 study, enrols multiple patients

Kalkin Media | 22 July 2021

“MTP’s next ‘guest of the chair’ Director level experience on offer”

Pharma In Focus | 21 July 2021

Patient Advocate gets Board Gig

MedNews | 21 July 2021

Govt dishes out $7m in commercialisation grants

InnovationAus | 20 July 2021

Australian manufacturers are growing Australian jobs through commercialisation fund

Manufacturing Magazine Industry Update | 20 July 2021

Clinical Trials

ABC Radio Nightlife | 19 July 2021

CRC program stands alone in federal industry support

InnovationAus | 19 July 2021

Biointelect: Come forward for support on securing investment

Health Dispatch | 14 July 2021 

Australian Biotech Startup Vaxine Launch Clinical COVID19 Vaccine Trials in Iran

Grit Daily | 06 July 2021 

In Iran, an Aussie startup hopes for COVID-19 vaccine success

SMH | 04 July 2021 

Growth Centres are on their own from 2022

Innovation Aus | 07 June 2021 


AuManufacturing | 31 May 2021

Industry dept mulls Growth Centres’ future

Innovation Aus | 24 May 2021

Technology boosting already strong clinical trials sector

BioPharma Dispatch | 21 May 2021

Untapped potential in clinical trials sector

AusInnovation | 20 May 2021

Half a decade of domestic growth in the clinical trials sector has failed to attract a greater share of global industry-sponsored trials to Australia, according to a new report from the MedTech and pharmaceutical growth centre, which touts the sector’s potential in the COVID recovery.

Medtech grants of up to $100K on offer

Startup News WA | 19 May 2021

MTPConnect launches voucher program to support medical manufacturing

Manufacturers Monthly | 17 May 2021

MTPConnect, Australia’s growth centre for medical technologies and pharmaceuticals sector, has launched a new voucher program to boost the manufacture of medical products in Western Australia.

MedTech and pharma grants open in WA 

AusInnovation | 17 May 2021 

Western Australian developers and manufacturers can now apply for up to $100,000 in matched government funding for medical technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing projects.


AuManufacturing | 14 May 2021

MTPConnect urges industry support for new fellowships

BiotechDispatch | 13 May 2021

GSK bridges gap between academia and industry

Health Industry Hub | 13 May 2021

FDA awards Oncores Medical’s breast cancer innovation breakthrough device designation

Bioworld | 10 May 2021

Industry alliance to be the united voice for Australia’s genomics future

Health Industry Hub | 03 May 2021

New MTPConnect report highlights skill gap

BioPharmaDispatch | 11 March 2021

MTPConnect released the second of three reports examining skills gaps in the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector workforce and identified 20 skills gaps. The reports are being developed as part of the Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative, operated by MTPConnect for the Medical Research Future Fund.

$38 million available for research into diabetes, heart disease

Department of Health | 12 January 2021

MTPConnect, together with the Minister for Health & Aged Care, Hon. Greg Hunt MP announced that that the Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) initiative for diabetes and cardiovascular disease is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for two new Research Centres and the first round of Research Projects funding.

GSK backs MTPConnect industry-researcher initiative

Biotech Dispatch | 19 November 2020

MTPConnect announced that GSK Australia had joined the REDI initiative as a partner to fun its new PhD Graduate Innovation Program.

New initiative to accelerate research for diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Biotech Dispatch | 29 October 2020

MTPConnect announced partners for its TTRA initiative - ANDHealth, the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) and UniQuest that will provide advice and mentoring for funding recipients.

Industry backs new regenerative medicine consortium

Biotech Dispatch | 29 October 2020

MTPConnect announced that it had awarded Industry Growth Centre funding to establish a regenerative medicine consortium led by AusBiotech with six industry partners. 

Funding for Brisbane-based clinical trial manufacturing facility

Biotech Dispatch | 15 October 2020

MTPConnect welcomed the funding for a new manufacturing facility at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) in Brisbane. 

Report calls for long-term investment in pandemic R&D

Stockhead | 7 October 2020

MTPConnect, in partnership with L.E.K. Consulting, released the second edition of the COVID-19 Impact Report to explore the strategies to spur recovery and discusses trends and opportunities for growth. The report makes it clear that the MTP sector has a critical and ongoing role to play in pandemic response, future preparedness and economic recovery.

‘Pharma resistance’ to battle superbugs

The Australian | 24 September 2020

MTPConnect, with support from Pfizer, MSD Australia, GSK Australia and Medicines Australia launched Australia's first Antimicrobial Resistance Network – the AAMRNet, and released a new report, ‘Fighting Superbugs: A Report on the Inaugural Meeting of Australia’s Antimicrobial Resistance Stakeholders'.

Millions in funding for virus vaccine, treatment hope

The Australian | 3 September 2020

The article covers the announcement of BTB Round 2 & 3 funding to 13 early stage medical research projects. 

Funding Boost for COVID-19 Research 

Department of Health | 3 September 2020

MTPConnect joined Minister for Health Hon. Greg Hunt MP, in the announcement of 13 early-stage medical research projects (including 5 COVID-19 projects), recieving $10.4 million in funding from BTB Rounds 2 & 3.

Surging Ahead 

AMTIL Magazine | 6 August 2020

Queensland's University of Technology (QUT)'s BridgeTech Program was highlighted in AMTIL's latest issue. BridgeTech is funded by MTPConnect with the REDI initiative. 

$18.8M investment for Australian medtech research  

Australian Manufacturing | 20 July 2020

MTPConnect announced the promising 21 research projects, funded under the third round of the BioMedTech Horizons program.

MTPConnect to administer new research accelerator

BiotechDispatch | 14 July 2020

MTPConnect launched its $47 million Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, an initiative of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), operated by MTPConnect. 

Accelerating diabetes and cardiovascular disease research 

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources | 13 July 2020

The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Hon. Karen Andrews MP joined Minister for Health Hon. Greg Hunt MP in the announcement of the new $47 million Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) initiative for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, awarded to MTPConnect.

Medtech sector ready to provide jobs and attract investment  

Australian Financial Review | 13 July 2020

Our Managing Director & CEO Dr Dan Grant spoke about the potential for the MTP sector to develop in the short term post COVID-19 and more. 

COVID-19 hit, boosted medtech

Australian Financial Review | 17 June 2020 

Our Managing Director & CEO Dr Dan Grant highlighted our COVID-19 Impact Reports and the way our MTP sector and government are coming together to combat the global pandemic.

New Covid19 Research Funding

Innovation Aus | 18 May 2020

The call out for the third round of our Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) program, was centered around responding to the global pandemic in 12 months or less.

PM&C names digital advisory board

Innovation Aus | 1 March 2020

Our Chair Sue MacLeman, was appointed to the Prime Ministers Digital Health Advisory Committee. 

$32 million to turn more research ideas into reality 

Department of Health | 5 February 2020

MTPConnect along with our partners, were awarded REDI, a new MRFF program.

MTPConnect appoints experienced industry and R&D executive

Biotech Dispatch | 21 January 2020

Biotech Dispatch covered the announcement of our new Board member Alex Fowkes.

Startup wants to translate your tummy rumbles with AI

Sydney Morning Herald | 16 January 2020

Noisy Guts, a WA-based start-up, was awarded funding in the first round of our Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) Program.

Australia- India economic growth: Frugal innovation the key to driving business links for the future

Australian Manufacturing | 10 December 2019

This article highlights the launch of our report with Asialink Business and unpacking the India opportunity.

Australia takes BIO ‘by storm’ with largest ever delegation

BioWorld | 7 June 2019

BioWorld highlights the Australian delegation to BIO international convention and also features the How Global MedTech & Pharma Corporates Engage with Australia report in partnership with BioPacific Partners.

Investment in medical tech to pay healthy dividends 

Business News | 4 June 2019

One year on from creating the MTPConnect WA Hub, the story examines the achievements of the Hub in partnership with the WA Government and UWA.

This small cap biotech proves it is possible to have more women than men on a board

Stockhead | 8 March 2019 

Stockhead profiles MTPConnect's Chair Sue MacLeman on International Women's Day.

MTPConnect driving solid growth

InnovationAus | 21 February 2019

The story tracks the growth of MTPConnect from it's beginnings as part of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's Industry Growth Centre initiative. 

$22 million to fast track early stage research

Department of Health | 18 February 2019

The Australian Government announced the development of the Biomedical Translation Bridge (BTB) Program with partners including, BioCurate, UniQuest, the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) and the Bridge Program.

MTPConnect support for industry back digital health accelerator

Biotech Dispatch | 17 January 2019

MTPConnect has backed its project ANDHealth to continue its work on enhancing the Australian digital health sector.

MTPConnect's Dr Dan Grant: A new future for medical research funding

Biotech Dispatch (also featured in Pharma Dispatch) | 20 December 2018

MTPConnect CEO authored a blog for Biotech Dispatch on the new features in the MRFF and the possibilities for the future that was announced in December.

AusBiotech congratulates MTPConnect on new funding

Biotech Dispatch | 6 Decemember 2018

When it was announced that MTPConnect would receive additional funding to 2021, AusBiotech congratulated MTPConnect on the great news.

Australia poised for global success in regenerative medicine

The Mandarin | 16 November 2018

MTPConnect CEO Dr Dan Grant wrote an opinion piece on regenerative medicine in Australia and what opportunities there are for the sector.

Hope for regenerative medicine bonanza

The Australian | 31 October 2018

The Australian exclusively covered the launch of our regenerative medicine report at the AusBiotech Conference.

Health tech funding injection to propel Australian innovations to market and into Asia

Healthcare IT | 16 October 2018

Three MTPConnect projects - the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS), the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) and Asialinks Business - have received funding from the MTPConnect Project Fund Program. IMNIS and MDPP were part of the 2016 round of the program and Asialinks is a new project.

MTPConnect Has a New Chair

BioSpace | 4 October 2018

International publication BioSpace shared the announcement of MTPConnect's new chair Sue MacLeman, taking over from our Chair Dr Bronwyn Evans who is stepping down after nearly two years of service.

Australian government growth centres invest in life sciences sector for future global growth

BioWorld | 25 September 2018

BioWorld journalist Tamra Sami interviewed MTPConnect CEO Dr Dan Grant in WA around the launch of the MTPConnect WA hub in September.

Innovation is part of Australia's DNA. We must help commercialise it

The Australian Financial Review | 30 July 2018

Former Minister for Jobs and Innovation Senator Michaelia Cash wrote an opinion piece for the AFR in July around the AFR Innovation Summit.

MTPConnect Launches Western Australian Node

Manufacturer's Monthly | 4 July 2018

MTPConnect's Chair Dr Bronwyn Evans supported the launch of the MTPConnect WA Node in partnership with the Western Australian Government and the University of Western Australia at the Harry Perkins Institute and Centre for Medical Research.

Australia makes its mark in biotechnology

Nature Journal | 9 May 2018

MTPConnect CEO Sue MacLeman spoke with Nature, a scientific journal about how Australia is making its mark in biotechnology.

Dr Dan Grant appointed as new CEO of MTPConnect

Lab and Life Scientist | 7 May 2018

Dr Dan Grant was announced as MTPConnect's CEO-elect bringing with him many years of experience in the sector, where he will be starting in July.

"We could lead the world": Australia's MTP sector shows it's punching above its weight

Healthcare IT | 19 April 2018

MTPConnect's CEO Sue MacLeman talks to Healthcare IT about the recent announcement of the amazing innovations of the MTPConnect-delivered, Department of Health's $10 million BioMedTech Horizons program.

$1 million funding boost for UOW's 'groundbreaking' Biopen

Illawara Mercury | 19 April 2018

The article focuses on the team behind the Biopen, one of the 11 selected participants who have received funding from the MTPConnect-delivered Department of Health's $10 million BioMedTech Horizons program.

$10m in funding awarded to 11 projects to boost health innovation

Manufacturer's Monthly | 18 April 2018

MTPConnect and the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, have announced the first 11 recipients of $10 million investment from the government’s $35 million BioMedTech Horizons program.

MTPConnect and BioPacific Partners announce new initiative

Manufacturer's Monthly | 12 April 2018

MTPConnect and BioPacific Partners has jointly launched an exciting new initiative to assist Australian medical technology and pharmaceutical companies to better prepare and position themselves to engage successfully with multinational companies.

Why investors should pay attention to biotechs focused on China

Stockhead | 15 March 2018

Chinese demand has sparked ASX-listed food and resources stocks — but health innovators may benefit most, says MTP Connect CEO Sue MacLeman. Ms MacLeman also mentions our Project Fund Program recipient's AusBiotech Asian Investment Series in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Women and the war for talent

InnovationAus | 8 March 2018

MTPConnect CEO Sue MacLeman talks to Innovation Australia about creating gender diversity within the tech and innovation sector or lose global competitiveness in this critical arena on International Women's Day.

Strong growth in Australia's medtech, biotech and pharma sectors

Manufacturer's Monthly | 12 February 2018

MTPConnect has released new sector metrics that show jobs supported by the MTP sector increased by 10 per cent to 62,000 from 2015 to 2016, and that manufacturing exports are up by 30 per cent to $5.2 billion.

3D Printing And Precision Medicine To Get $5m In Government Funding

The Australian | 1 November 2017

Managed by MTPConnect, the $5m BioMedTech Horizons program will be managed by MTPConnect, the medical technologies and pharmaceuticals industry growth centre. MTPConnect chief executive Sue MacLeman spoke to The Australian, saying that 3D anatomical printing and precision medicine had been identified for the first share of funding because Australia punched above its weight in those areas.

Cancer Test Platform among Recipients in $22.5m Tech Funding Round For MTPConnect

Australian Financial Review | 26 October 2017

Our CEO Sue MacLeman talks about a MTPConnect Project Fund Program lead The Garvan Institute aimed to improve cancer clinical trial research.

AISC's new training package for pharma manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturer's Monthly | 11 August 2017

Our General Manager of Education, Skills and Events Dr Melanie Thomson about the training that will save pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses time and money by allowing employees to transfer basic skills between companies.

Pharma research play translates into jobs and growth

The Mandarin | 7 August 2017

An article discussing our Clinical Trials Report and how it aims to turn Australia around to be a destination for jobs and pharmaceutical investment in clinical trials.

Grant boost for medical research

Business News Western Australia | 1 November 2016

The MTPConnect Project Fund Program has provided a local WA consortium with a $150,000 grant to improve commercialisation of pharmaceutical and medical technologies.

New funding mechanism could create needed life sciences ecosystem

BioWorld | 28 October 2016

The Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Industry Growth Centre (MTPConnect) announced at the recent AusBiotech annual conference that it would provide A$7.4 million (US$5.6 million) of funding over two years for 14 national projects in the med-tech, biotech and pharmaceutical sector, with the Australian government injecting more funding into its life sciences sector to help it become more globally competitive in commercializing products.

$43.4 million announced to drive innovation in pharmaceuticals and medtech around Australia

StartUp Smart | 24 October 2016

Growing investment in medical technology and pharmaceutical innovation is set to fire a new pipeline of high-impact ventures into Australia that have been hiding in the corridors of universities waiting to be commercialised. This week, non-profit organisation MTPConnect announced it will inject $7.4 million into 14 medtech, biotech and pharmaceutical projects over the next two years. The funding will be matched by a further $32 million from industry partners under MTP Connect’s project fund program.

Pill boxes and 'kneehab' apps: Johnson & Johnson hackathon

Australian Financial Review | 26 September 2016

Our CEO Sue MacLeman comments on the recent Federal Government response to the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation in this article highlighting Johnson & Johnson's potential commercialisation of two winning inventions from a hackathon earlier this month.

Forging better MedTech links

InnovationAus | 30 June 2016

Our CEO Sue MacLeman talked to InnovationAus about the achievements and challenges of the MTP sector and how MTPConnect will increase collaboration and commercialisation efforts.

A boost for innovation in medical technologies and pharmaceuticals sector

University of Sydney | 11 December 2015

Australia’s newest Growth Centre – the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Industry Growth Centre – has been announced by the Hon. Christopher Pyne, Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science and Minister for Health, Sussan Ley.