Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

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MTPConnect is delivering the new Medical Research Future Fund’s $47 million Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) initiative for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The TTRA program will provide a new integrated research program to improve the prevention, management and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (D&CVD) in Australia. Research efforts will focus on the most pressing areas of unmet clinical and research needs in D&CVD, which are leading causes of death and disability in Australia.

The TTRA will:

  • Establish research centres for diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Establish a contestable funding program to support D&CVD research projects
  • Promote the clinical and commercial translation of novel therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and digital solutions for D&CVD

The TTRA will stimulate collaboration across relevant clinical, research and industry organisations and leverage strengths across the sector to ultimately produce novel preventative interventions, diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics and digital health approaches and products for D&CVD that reduce the burden on patients, families and communities.

The TTRA will take a national and inclusive approach to working with clinicians, researchers, health administrators, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health groups and consumers.

Watch this space for details of our TTRA partner organisations and upcoming calls for funding.

Contact Senior Director TTRA Lauren Kelly for more information.